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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  May 24, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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thank again to marvin as well as john hilemon, jim messina, elise jordan, steve schmidt and nick confess horry. that does it for our hour. i'm nicolle wallace. "mtp daily" starts right now. hi chuck. >> how are you doing nicole? tough night for the lebronsters. >> we both belong at a bar. >> you know what, we will get some game sevens. i hope you don't have a game seven. it has to be cavs/warriors. >> i'm a he counting on it. >> all right. if it's thursday, the spin cycle, well, it keeps spinning. >> tonight it's truth and justice the trumpian way. know one thing. you don't make america great by tear down the rule of law. >> i do believe every institution here will ultimately be maeld. plus, the korea summit is off. and the diplomatic waiting game
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is back on. >> if and when kim jong-un chooses to engage in constructive dialogue and actions, i am waiting. and the politics of patriotism. the president warns nfl players to stand proudly or else. >> unshhh be playing, you shouldn't be there. may be shouldn't be in the country. >> this is "mtp daily," and it starts right now. ♪ good evening. i'm chuck todd here in washington. welcome to "mtp daily." and welcome to another day in this white house's conspiracy spin cycle. today it involves a spectacle in which the president throws out a conspiracy theory to undermine the russia investigation then enter convenience with the justice department to compel them to share classified information with his allies in the house with the expectation or hope that the information will somehow back up his conspiracy theory.
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well, folks, the meeting today allowing select members of congress the review highly classified information about the russia investigation was originally brokered by the white house. so only the president's allies would see this information. after an uproar democrats were allowed in and a second meeting was added. when they came out democrats said in so many words, there was nothing to see. >> nothing we heard todays th h changed our view that there is no evidence to support any allegation that the fbi or any intelligence agency placed a spy in the trump campaign or otherwise failed to follow appropriate procedures and protocols. >> now, initially the white house said they would steercally of the meeting. after all the president is a subject of the russia investigation even though he is not a target. it turns out at least two white house officials, the chief of staff, john kelly, and the president's lawyer, white house special counsel for this investigation emmitt flood were in the room. the white house now says they were there to facilitate the
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meetings and that they left before the meetings officially started. we will have to take their word for that. folks, the genesis of these brief something about more than undermining the russia investigation as big as that is. because it also speaks to the conspiracy spin cycle which undermines the very idea of truth. that might sound cynical but look at the latest involving mueller's investigation. care of his lawyer, rudy giuliani. giuliani told the "washington post" he was worried about the president being wrung up on perjury charges if he talked to mueller because, this is a direct quote, truth is relative, and mueller's team may have a different version of the truth than we do. oh, boy, if that's the president's defense, just think about this a minute, he might as well swap out lawyers and replace rudy giuliani with george costanza. >> jerry, just remember. it's not a lie if you believe it. >> you might laugh, but folks,
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truth shouldn't have versions. there aren't alternative facts. if everyone has their version of the truth effectively there is no truth. maybe that's the point. look we have no idea what the classified information in today's meeting actually says. but would anyone be surprised if the president's allies claim it confirms their version of the truth that deep state justice department was somehow spy og tn trump campaign in a witch-hunt investigation assigned to overthrow the election and the biggest political scandal ever as the president has said? we haven't heard that yet. but what does it mean if we hear nothing from the president's allies after this meetsing. again, this might sound cynical but we have seen it before, a source gets life and it goes through the echo chamber of conservative media and republicans and congress have to embrace it too, or else. and it was that infamous nunes memo. who is that now known as?
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the nothing burger. let's bring in matthew miller. for this block he joins our panel of dan balls, "washington post," susan glasser from "the new yorker." and kapur. matthew we have got you here, we are going to enact with you, you are an expert on how the justice department works. any parallel of a etd mooing like this in your time while you were at justice? >> no, of course the president of the united states wasn't under investigation for obstructingious and potentially cooperating with a foreign power. no, there aren't a lot of parallels. i can tell you generally how we interacted with the white house. whefrs this was a he question of a criminal investigation, let's say the justice department was investigating a corporation, vetting a mafia family we never talked to the white house about those investigation. they never talked to us about those investigations we never talked to the white house about those investigations. we were always clear, as hard a line as that was, had this ever
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been an investigation that involved the white house it self that line would be even more bright even more clear and we would never talk to them about it at all. and i have a great deal of confidence that no one in that white house would have ever reached into the justice department and tried to tell us what we ought to disclose about that investigation while it was still ongoing to anyone in congress or anywhere else. >> matthew there are plenty of people who are going to believe that president obama somehow did have a hidden hand during the clinton investigation. that's apparently the rationale for all of this call it bad behavior or whatever by some of these house republicans. what is your defense to that? >> you know, there were a couple occasions that president obama said things publicly about the clinton investigation that he really shouldn't have. but all -- it now sounds kind of so silly compared to that we see out this white house every day. he said that as far as he could tell hillary clinton isn't hurt national security. that was a major scandal.
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and people in the justice department were very aed noid that he did it. the white house eventually had to back down and say he made a mistab. >> right. >> but that looks so mild compared to -- >> yes, it dos. >> not just publicly attacking the justice department. but look at what happened before this meeting. the president called the fbi director and the deputy attorney general who is the actsing attorney general in this case over to the white house and met with them on monday telling them to release this information of it is a direct interference in an investigation into himself. >> i'm old enough to better when bill clinton walking on to loretta lynch's airplane was cause to potentially get her to name a special counsel or get her to recuse herself. and they ended up in the no man's land of let james comey do it. what's the difference between what the president did with his chief of staff and his lawyer in his own little meeting and what bill clinton and loretta lynch did. >> it is the president of the
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united states not a former president whose wife is running for the democratic nomination. >> on degrees here, this seems much more -- >> my point is, what trump is doing is exponentially different in herms terms of his willingness to intervene, his willingness to in a sense to issue direct orders in an agency which in a situation like this he should have no contact. >> bill clinton's actions there, i think on the tarmac precipitated the justice department and the fbi to break protocol multiple times. >> it's what started this whole mess. >> the idea behind this informant theory was that the obama dodge -- that the fbi -- the idea doesn't add up that there was a great conspiracy there against trump, which all
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of this rests on. >> susan, we would already know if this theory were backed up. if they had anything they could remotely hang their hat on in this conspiracy they would be out there, wouldn't they? >> i have got the think yes. i am a struck by the fact that we are all losing by trump winning here. what i mean is what are we doing? we are talking about hillary clinton. we are talking about is there an equivalent or no, there isn't an equivalent between bill clinton and the investigation and maybe president obama shouldn't have spoken out of turn. >> right. >> we agree there is a difference of agrdegree. i think this is the goal, to confuse, to object few skate, it is calculated as you said several times in the introduction, it is cynical. in the end, will we remember this incident? i strongly suggest that the answer is no. that six months from now it is a not even going to be in the book. >> matt miller, it's funsy says
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that, i'm going to play a clip. here's mark meadows before the infamous nunes memo. here's what he was promising the american people before that nunez memo back in january before the world found out what was actually in it. >> i'm here to tell all of america tonight that i am shocked to read exactly what has taken place. i would think that it would never happen in a country that loves freedom and democracy like this country. >> what i read today in that classified briefing room is as bad as i thought it was. >> you are describing the very elements of a palace coup. and after jim and mark meadows and many others of us reviewed the intelligence information today, it is abundantly clear that the entire mueller investigation is a lie built on a foundation of corruption. >> matt miller, that was the same group of people who basically forced this justice department intervention.
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this had to do with how was -- about a fisa warrant which just turned out to be just be false. the narrative was false. it turned into a nothing burger. we had to remind ourselves what those guys were claiming they had read. >> yeah. there is a reason why they are talking about the informant now and not the fisa warrant. there is a reason they moved from the fisa warrant to uranium one, and to the allegedly tapping of trump's phones. they throw those theories out there, they hold true and then they throw out another one to confuse the dily news cycle. there is another important thing that happened this week. even if it ends up peering out or blowing up in their face as previous conspiracy theories do, the president redefined the norms of what is acceptable presidential behavior. he got an inspector general to investigate this conspiracy theory this week. that's not what inspector generals exist for. they don't exist to debunk crazy
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ideas that the president has. he got a meeting where he was able to insert him into the justice deputy's deliberations. they are going to be very big deals that set new precedents of how the president can interact with the justice department now is down the road. >> the president wants a constitutional crisis stand it's just that the legislative branch is not participating it. here's paul ryan today kind of addressing the situation but in that i don't want to get into specifics kind of way. listen. >> right now, at this time, there is a deeply serious problem that we see right now within our society. we see moral relativism becoming more and more pervasive in our culture. identity politics, and tribalism have groan on top of this. and on top of that, it has mais all the more prevalent with 21st century technology and then on top there is plenty of money to be made on making all of this
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worse. >> what is interesting here, dan balz is that jeff flake said the same thing at harvard law school. but he put a name to it. what is interesting is paul ryan essentially made the same critique but he tried to make it a roar shack test to let people hear what they wanted to hear. >> going down the path and the points that paul ryan was talking about, the only way you begin to push back against that is for people like paul ryan, who are in those positions of responsibility to take a stand on it. to say enough is enough. or we cannot go any farther than this. and so far he has not. and most of the people who are in positions where they could have not. >> he is really uncomfortable with all of this. visibly uncomfortable. he put out a statement after this d.o.j. briefing today, you know, that was word solid of the i didn't say anything just described what the house intel committee doing.
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and mitch mcconnell spoke to npr essentially saying he didn't hear anything that changes his view. >> this is what trump ran against. it's trying to have your cake and eating it, too. it's politics without accountability. and they are afraid of donald trump. that's the thing. they are afraid of -- they have decided that they can criticize him on policy grounds or even potentially on ground of division is ripping our country apart but they can't do it by name and they can't take responsibility for their own role in it. >> matt miller. >> and they won't confront the president about that. >> no they don't want to do that. >> if they say his name that's confrontational. >> jeff flake does it. >> there is a reason he is not running for reflex. he wouldn't have a chance. maybe as a democrat at this point. >> they know history will judge them hashly. but they have seen the passion of the base gravitate towards defense of trump. >> matt miller, can you justify
2:15 pm
all of rosenstein's actions? it's interesting here. we are going to find out. there is plenty of theories, is he trying to protect mueller so he is letting a new deaf iviati go by or is he n trying to do the right thing he is going to end up messing the whole thing up? >> that is the million dollar question. was he trying to buy another monday or two, keep this enter investigation from being blown up by the president, people being fired at the justice department so mueller can complete his work? maybe that's what he was doing. or is this another example of him caving to the president like he did when he sign the memo regarding comey's firing. i suspect it's the former but he has given up a lot to buy time if that's so. >> i'm nervous about this. that's -- essentially the comey error is there. dan balz? >> as matt says we don't know
2:16 pm
yet where rosenstein is being exceedingly smart about the way he's navigating through this or whether it will blow up in his face eventually. a lot of that still has to do with the president. how far is he willing to take this battle? how confrontational ultimately is he willing to be. what if any is the pushback on that. >> i think we are all interested in the next presidential tweet on this topic. matt miller thank you for bringing your expertise from your days at the justice department. much appreciate it. dan, susan and sahil you get to stick around. we will hear from a former top u.s. intelligence official who is warning congress not to politicize intelligence. also, the trump administration declares victory over the nfl players. what does it mean when only a certain type of patriotism is allowed?
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trade 24/5, with td ameritrade. ♪ it is remarkable that this last presidential campaign both presidential candidates of the major political parties were under active fbi investigation. and that is i think unprecedented. >> welcome back. that was senate majority whip john cornan of texas. it was an interesting observation. it was his way of defleging. he didn't want to answer the question of is today's meeting appropriate. instead he took that long view. but it's interesting to me. joining me, john mclove listen one of the five former intelligence officials who wrote a letter today to congressional leaders urging them to quote resist efforts to politicize
2:21 pm
intelligence. to this point they haven't resisted. i guess you are hoping they will stop. >> we were saying in that letter, could you just behave normally. what does that mean what. >> does that mean? >> those of us who have been involved in intelligence for a long time having through a lot of counter-intelligence investigations and i have personally been through a lot of gang of eight notifications, the gang of eight being the kong leadership, to include the intelligence committee chair nanoand vice chairman. and typically, this is done on a bipartisan basis. why is that important? well, you know, the american public has to have confidence that the most sensitive activities of the u.s. government, fbi, cia, national security agency -- that these things are being done appropriately, legally, effectively. and that's what these committees are for. and they have to be done bipartisan -- on a bipartisan
2:22 pm
basis or i think justifiably the american public will say what's going on here? >> correct me if i'm wrong, if reason we have these norms, this is the way it's done, was because there were some trust issues with the cray back in the '60s and '70s. >> absolute me. >> the famous church committee. >> absolutely, these committees were created in 1976 and 1977. the deal was the people on these committees are going to be serious people in congress. they will get everything that the intelligence community produces in return for their good judgment, critical at times, and their discretion on a bipartisan basis. it has worked that way most of the time. not all of the time. but i think with the nunes memo back in february he drove a big stake right through the heart of this process. and every time we see something like this happen, it's pounded in a little bit deeper. >> this feels on the house and a about it unrecoverable right now. i don't have -- >> it's recoverable.
2:23 pm
>> i think the senate is proving that you can do this still. >> yes. >> but i don't know on the house side. why do you believe it's recoverable -- a lot of partisanship. >> it's resolvable with leadership. >> where are paul ryan and nancy pelosi. >> i'm talking about new leadership. >> i asked this question to multiple leaders. why reason is the two of them essentially grabbed nunes and schiff by the ears and said guys stop this? >> i think part of the problem is that nunes is just not going to.stop. i have no personal animus toward the congressman but observing his behavior this is the kind of thing that ruins this process. the reason i think it's recoverable is i have seen it work well at time. if you go back a couple generations on this committee to the time when congressman mike rogers was heading it and its deputy was from maryland, they called people like me down before they took their jobs and we sat down with them and they asked how can we do this in a
2:24 pm
diplomat way? we told them and they did it. i think most people in the intelligence business would say that was a different leadership a different time. but these leaderships will turn over. so my point is to you, chuck, it has to be fixed. >> there is no doubt. i guess the question is, who does it? you say new leadership has to do it. speaker ryan just isn't going to do it? if they don't do it what happens? >> it is a failure by speaker ryan. this is extremely important to the country it's right to me -- maybe i'm seeing it too close because i am a former intelligence person but it seems to be to be at the heart of our national security because the kinds of things done by the intelligence commune are essential to everything we are doing now, north korea, iran, everything. >> this hit a weird sweet spot -- a terrible word the use but it hit a weird sweet spot, trump and these conspiracy theories. because you are already dealing with a group of people who have been skeptical of government
2:25 pm
most of their life, the voters. they are already skeptical of all of it. >> right. >> the intelligence commune has the black eye of the wmds on their resume. you already have this sort of seated audience ready to believe a conspiracy. >> right. >> how do we get that back? we have the reform the process in congress. what should the intelligence community do to try to win back some credibility? >> i think there are a couple of things you can do on the intelligence side. you are limited. you can go out and advocate for yourself. >> no, that's -- >> you are not a politician. >> right. >> the things you have to do are simple, really. you have to do the best job you can. you have to have a committee where you can go for no-fault discussions and have a discussion with them about how you can do better. and intelligence leaders need to speak out publicly not about the secrets of the intelligence business but about why it's
2:26 pm
important, how it works, why we obey thelo law, why we think this process is important in congress why they are the representatives of the american people looking at what we are doing. that's heart of the process right there. but ultimately the current leadership of congress is failing on this. so i don't frankly put -- you are correct that intelligence has made mistakes. >> yeah. >> let's face it. >> and the politicians are going to make sure to deflect their own blame that the intelligence committee sometimes gets more blame. >> there are two kind of things in washington, policy success and intelligence failures. we understand that. i could take your viewers' time listing all of the intelligence successes that have occurred. which are impressive. but that's not the important thing here. the important thing is to take your point, that i think -- here's the problem. yes, the audience is kind of seated to expect the worst from intelligence. it's done by hollywood.
2:27 pm
it's deny by everyoet cetera -- everyone else. but this is where the president is failing. he's feeding that. feeding that i know smart people who know better who are starting to say, well, you know, maybe the fbi is screwing up here. >> how is that happening. >> do you believe these people are truly honest in their new found beliefs or that they are going alone for the ride? >> i spent a lot of time working on authoritarian governments and how dictators come to power. >> yeah. >> there are a couple things going on here. if you take a public that is distracted that has other things, that's trying to just lead their lives. >> america. >> which is what most people are doing, and you have a leader, someone they have elected repeated something over and over and over again, they don't have time to pars all of the details. it starts the sink in. and before long the lie becomes the truth and the truth tellers start telling the lie. that's the danger here i think, that's the danger i think we see
2:28 pm
going on. >> that's -- i hope it means more to some viewers coming from you than when we are seeing it. that's the thing. you are an expert in this. that's what it feels like to some of us as well. john mclaughlin thank you for coming on. when we come back, i am going to blow the lid off another huge russia scandal. there there is no way you saw this one coming. trust me. do these moves look familiar?
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tonight i'm obsessed with the the real russian scandal rocking washington. no. not the one where the deep state intel services planted a spy in the trump campaign to help hillary win and then launched a phony russia investigation to frame president trump. no. this is about an operation to place a russian directly in the white house. don't believe me? it is a scandal launched bay in 2005 when a russian operative, this man known to his handlers as alek ovechkin was recruited by sinister operatives to work in washington, d.c. ovechkin came close to achieving this goal, he did it with a assist with bore could have beenski who was ten years old when this plan was hatched.
2:33 pm
was he just a boy when he was recruited? these two communists -- are they communises? a lot of people are saying they are. anyway, the two communists joined an organization that calls itself the washington capitals. they always dress in red, white, and blue. because they are patriots or red, white, and blue because those just happen to be the colors of the russian flag? so now this ka ball of foreigners and immigrants, and believe me when canada sends its people they are not sending their best. they are bringing their moulson, their so-called bacon and some i assume are good people. this ka ball is just four steps from winning it all. what are they tolg telling their followers? rock the red. get it. tune what happens when they win
2:34 pm
it all. do you know where they go? i'll tell you why they go. they go to the white house! alex ovechkin will be right there, next to president trump, bearing a garish gift from someone named lord stanley or is it lord stanislaus. that was not made in the u.s.a. believe moment there you have it, a russian operative to be welcomed in the white house by the president of the united states. and you thought the clinton e-mails were a scandal. is it all true? a lot of people are saying so. and as rudy giuliani says, truth is relative at this point. by the way, let's go caps!
2:35 pm
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california values senator dianne feinstein welcome back. last fall, president trump guaranteed that nfl players would stop kneeling during the national anthem. and now team owners are trying to make that happen. s you have no doubt heard by now the nfl has decided all players who are on the field during the national anthem must stand or their team will be subject to a
2:38 pm
fine. players whether have the option of staying in the locker room during the national anthem and not be subject to a fine. the controversy began two seasons ago when colin kaepernick began kneeling touring the national anthem to protest police brutality against minorities in the made to. the players union says they were never consulted by owners making this decision. this morning on fox and friends, president trump applauded the nfl's new policy but said the owners may not have gone far enough. >> well, i think that's good. i don't think people should be staying in locker rooms. still, i think it's good. you have to stand proudly for the national anthem or you subject be playing. you shouldn't be there. maybe you shouldn't number the country. >> joining me now is howard brian, senior writer at and author of the new book the heritage, black athletes the politics of patriotism.
2:39 pm
known how you got the nfl and president trump to promote your book like this. but i'm sure you are sending a bouquet their way. let's start with this, the nfl and the reaction were both players and frankly executives, too. how did they come up with this supposed compromise? this seems to be an invitation for morp protests, not less. >> this is a recipe for disaster. it appears that the nfl has simply decided to engage this the cull tire wars that the president started back in september when he called the players s.o.b.s and colin kaepernick in particular. when that happened last year, the owners and the players came together because they recognized their business was in a little bit of trouble. remember, you had jerry jones taking a knee last year with other owners. >> right. >> in solidarity with the players. and then on top of that, you have the players making a deal with ownership last december that they were going to
2:40 pm
collaborate and partner on social justice. so they ratified that deal a couple days ago. and then the owners come back with this? i taub to players, and i talked to people in the players' association who told me this this is fuel -- instead of this being over, it's just beginning. >> is this a -- is this a lack of leadership by roger goodell? are there a handful of owners that are just -- that are handcuffing him? i mean, to me a good leader, somebody who has control of their organization would have said the following, mr. president we appreciate your point of view on this, and you know, we here also love the flag and love this country. you worry about the country. we will worry about the league. we appreciate your input. and then end of story. why can't roger goodell -- why doesn't he have that kind of sway within the nfl. >> i think there is a couple of reasons. the first is let's not forget the number of nfl owners who
2:41 pm
gave money to the trump campaign. let's not forget how afraid the nfl owners seem to be of the president when he went after the players last year. i think they are definitely pander. i think this is also that culture where a conversation that we have been having for the last couple of years on this, which is positioning the players as unpatriotic runs counter to the nfl business model but i think they believe they can profit off of this. i think they have sort of recognized that they have a leverage in terms of labor. >> right. >> in pushing the players in this unpatriotic corner making the public believe that they are not citizens. >> mike pence, within i guess hours after this announcement was on, he simply retweeted a story about it, hashtag winning. i would assume i have beenan even the nfl owners who wanted to make this decision would have begged the vice president, what are you doing? stop it. now you have just made the
2:42 pm
policy even harder to sell. >> well, that guess back to -- one of the things this whole book is about chuck. and we have talked about it a few times over the last couple of years. who gets to be an american and are we using sports -- roger goodell said earlier he wants the flag to be respected. however, how can you say that the flag is being respected in the nfl when teams are charging the department of defense to have these patriotic displays take place in the first place. they are politicizing the sport and yet al we do is talk approximate black players. on one hand this is more pandering, we have seen this playbook before. it's like the packer sweep. first it was welfare queens. then it was willie horton and now we are talking about ball players. but it's the same playbook in terms of organizing a base at the expense of black players. >> it's interesting that it's being supposedly couched as a
2:43 pm
potential business decision. cornell belcher a democratic pollster who i frequently have on this show. he did his own survey of african-american voters in battleground states. 35% he found said they watched less football because colin kaepernick remained unsigned. that was back this march that he did this. this idea of the nfl owners, do they think their fans are only height and only on servetive? >> that's one of the things: when i heard two things came to mind. this was a shot at labor to find out if the players are unified and to find out how much they are willing to fight for these things that they supposedly believe n. it's also a shot at the black consumer, the message is watch our game, spend on our gape and keep your mouth shut. we are going to find out how offended the black consumer is
2:44 pm
and what they are willing to do as with he will. >> the other thing i think there is a fear of that people -- social justice watchers is concern that if you have a choice about standing for the flag and suddenly there is a color disparity and the white players are out and the black players are in the locker room -- look, white players are going to have to be a buffer here i guess between owners and african-american players. what's your sense of that? how are they dg -- can player unity overcome racial disparity? >> this is the area, chuck, where the nfl players association has an amazing opportunity. they have got an opportunity to get those players together and say look we don't care about your politics here. we already have concurrent collusion lawsuits going with colin kaepernick and eric reed that the nfl owners are telling you right now we are going deny your employment humiliate you if you don't come together.
2:45 pm
we don't care about your politics but when it comes to messing with us we will stick together. we will see what they do about it. >> it seems like the chris longs of the world. he speak out forcefully, aaron rodgers in the past has. in some way the players union almost needs them to be the spokespeople, no? >> they do. this is a labor issue. when you look at the story -- even in my book when you look at the heritage in general over the last 50 or 60 years there are very few white players who said look i stand with my teammates, the big challenge is going the take place right now. >> for sure. howard bryant, i could keep going but i have got to end the segment now. good luck with the book. one thing for sure it's well timed. up ahead, kim jong-un, apparently consider yourself uninvited. [music playing] (vo) from day one, we always came through for our customers. it's how we earned your trust. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you.
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yes, it's still an election year. and this political junkie is not going to fight it. today in meet the mid terms one of the democrats running for california governor picked up an endorsement from a republican who ran for the same job. a former e-bay ceo meg whitman is backing antonio via re goesa for governor of california.
2:48 pm
gavin new some, polls show will take the top spot in the all party primary. the race is on for who gets to challenge knewsome in november. whitman is a real republican in the sense that she was chris christie's finance chair during the to 16 presidential run. she was the republican nominee for governor in 20106789 but she came out hard against donald trump when he won the nomination. when you look at the big picture, whitman's decision about a democrat is the theme about party in american politics. the race to win over well educated white women. if more women start voting and supporting democratic, the republican party should be nervous. they will never get back into hour in places like california. and they might see erosions in places like say, georgia. and y, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer...
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2:51 pm
and a lot of things can happen, including the fact that perhaps and we'd wait, it's possible that the existing summit could take place or a summit at some later date. nobody should be anxious. we have to get it right. >> time now for "the lid." president trump has cancelled the summit for now. susan, you're our unofficial foreign correspondent on the panel today. so why shouldn't we just look at this as this is what happens with summits. you have fits and starts, sometimes you walk away, sometimes it is. president trump is no different than anybody else who has tried to do a high-wire act like this. >> yeah, that's not true. first of all, there's no other president who, of course, would have agreed spontaneously on the spur of the moment in a meeting in the oval office to meet the north korean leader to talk about his nuclear weapons
2:52 pm
program without months or even years of prior preparation and talks leading into it. it was an extremely impulsive decision. his advisers were very concerned about it, warned against it at the time, and now president trump i think in recent days, it's been made clear to him just how risky it was and the potential negative consequences of going forward with a summit. so, you know, i think a lot of people probably are secretly relieved. >> secretly? i don't think it's a secret. there's a lot of relief on this. >> the chances of a bad deal, especially because president trump seemed so palpably eager for it. >> he still wants it. >> his letter is extraordinary. you should read his letter. it's a plaintive note, personally dictated by the president himself. >> if you're from the trump point of view, he wants this.
2:53 pm
he wants diplomacy, it's the other guy that doesn't. isn't that the place you want to be in negotiations? >> he's gotten praise from even his democratic critics for pursuing democracy. he's gotten high marks from the public in polls for going this route. the question is where was the preparation on the substantive end. have they thought about how much uranium would they be allowed to enrich, what would the inspections look like, would they get rid of all their nukes immediately? and political and diplomatic side what was the strategy. are you going to have john bolton go out and say all or nothing, mike pence talk about you're going to end up like gadhafi and not expect a backlash from the north? i don't see how they expected to get from point a to point b here. >> the thing that is the wild card here, pompeo was with the chinese vice minister i think was here and all of a sudden this happened. there's clearly -- that's part of these -- that somehow the trade negotiations, these aren't separate issues.
2:54 pm
something happened in the talks with the chinese that also seemed to contributing to this. >> there's probably a lot that happened that we don't know about and it may well be the north koreans are much more responsible for the decision to cancel this than the president and the administration, but susan's point is exactly right. no other president that we know of would have done this in the way that president trump did. president trump has said unpredictability is the central core of the way i operate, particularly on foreign policy. he has said every other administration has tried and failed, i'm going to do it differently. so he tried to do it differently and on the first step, it's blown up in his face in a sense. so what does he do from here? >> susan, very quickly. >> just a minor note on this question of what exactly happened. we just posted my "new yorker" column early. 9:00, actually close to 10 th:0 last night i was on the phone with a senior administration official who told me the consequences were 60/40 of the summit going forward. >> why were the south koreans
2:55 pm
not informed? >> there's a lot of explaining to do. >> there's something odd there. do they not trust the south koreans? are they too eager? there's something weird there. >> they have different approaches of how to do this. >> and do you get the chinese back on board by halting the tariffs now? >> so much more to go down in that rabbit hole as well. thank you. up ahead, how that commemorative coin has flipped. the sun is shining so why binge in here, when you can do it out there. with this clever little app called audible. you can listen to the stories you love
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yes, we have no summit. but did you know we do have summit swag. earlier this week we told you about the challenge coin issued by the white house to commemorate the historic meeting. the white house gift shop has already been preselling a version of this coin for the public. in fact it's their deal of the day, if you can get onto the website, which crashed earlier today. i've been trying to buy ten myself all day. so now what? we have all these joicoins mayb. what are we going to do with them? maybe we have to make a new statement with a new commemorative coin. maybe something like this will do? indeed as the president said, this is a shame for the world, certainly, and also for the mtp daily team which had all sorts of summit merchandise ready to go by june 12th. what are we supposed to do with our cereal boxes? can we cancel our order for the 2,000 t-shirts we designed? well, at least we can still move forward with our commemorative posters. see, this is something you can
3:00 pm
sell no matter when the summit is planned for. so that's all we have for tonight. coin is gone, although, man, some day that website will work and i'll be able to buy my ten coins. guess what, family, you know what you're getting for christmas. we'll be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily." "the beat" starts right now. tonight we begin with something quite important, a new line crossed as the trump administration's controversial classified meeting on the russia probe got even worse, because reporters caught donald trump's criminal defense attorney for the probe sneaking into the meeting. let me tell you right up front, this is not normal. this is a breach. and tonight the white house is rushing out a spin that this breach was actually some kind of legitimate move and planned all along. that is false. this inappropriate meddling into the probe is actually so incriminating, the white house sought to hide it from ever being public. let me show you exactly why we know that. because of this


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